DB General Contractors

Dewaine Bednarik

President, Founder, Hits Cleanup



EXPERIENCE: 20 years, and counting


LABOR OF LOVE: “I was walking past a construction site early one morning and asked for a job. Typical day one experience, move that pile of lumber from point A to point B. I was invited back the next day as well. And the next.” Advanced from laborer to carpenter, then to foreman and eventually owner. 

NOT IN HIS VOCABULARY: “I can’t.” And you won’t find it in the vocabulary, or philosophy of anyone at DB.

BEST THING YOU BUILT: DB General Contractors. It’s not just a successful business, it’s a culture that values quality, pride in craft and takes care of its families.

POKER FACE: Won a Texas Hold’em tournament at the Mandalay Bay in Vegas. His first and only tournament! Who does that?