DB General Contractors

Mac McCormick

Project Manager



EXPERIENCE: 27 years, and counting


MAC: If everybody calls you by your nickname, isn’t it your real name?

ENRICHING LIVES: While remodeling a south end school Mac came to meet families that couldn’t afford Christmas. Mac crafted a solution and for over 10 years now he and his elves have made Christmas a joyous occasion for hundreds of kids.

INDEPENDENT STREAK: Didn’t make it as a McDonald’s cook because he didn’t realize they had a system for that. Update: still an independent thinker but learned to also be a team player in the US Army.

BEST OF BOTH: At DB we can grow and yet still maintain our connections with each other. That is what is instilled in us here.

BEST OF BOTH (Part II): Big Seattle Seahawks fan AND New England Patriots fan. Seriously.